About us

DELTA TECHNIQUE is a production and service company dealing with the implementation of modern technologies in the manufacturing industry. In particular, we specialize in the production of Bubble Envelope Making Machines and machines manufacturing paper products.

Regional leader

In our region of Europe, we are an undisputed leader in supplying complete machines for the production of bubble envelopes.

In Poland, which is distinguished by a very large volume of this production compared to European countries, 30% (2018) of all bubble envelopes are produced on the machines manufactured by us, and we increase this index on a yearly basis.

Above all else, the quality of our machines is demonstrated by the fact that customers, with the development of their manufacturing companies, come back to us for successive machines, satisfied with the existing cooperation.

Years on the market
The company was founded in 2011
Orders Increase
Increase in the value of orders for machines produced by the company in 2018
Envelope production
1/3 of all bubble padded envelopes in Poland is produced on our machines

Knowledge and Experience

The knowledge that was needed to design and build our machines is based on reliable theoretical foundations and many years of experience mainly in maintenance departments. It is here where, in addition to its functionality, the most important features of a machine are: ergonomics, reliability, ease of understanding its construction and access to the inner parts.

We also place great emphasis on ease of use and quick and efficient diagnostics of operational problems that may occur.

We focus on providing high-quality products and services to our clients.

Research and Development

In order to develop the industry in which we specialize, we conduct our own research on the development of machines. This attitude resulted in obtaining global-scale patent reservations to some unique technical solutions.

Thanks to this approach to our work, we constantly increase the innovation and technological level of our products. At this point, it should also be mentioned that we listen carefully to our customers, who very often give us the right solutions in the field of machine ergonomics so that every future machine (even of the same model) is better and more refined.