We provide our clients with professional and quick service of machines purchased from us. Our staff, trained at the engineering level, guarantees the highest level of service.

We minimize our reaction time so that in the event of a breakdown, the production downtime is as short as possible. This is encouraged by our warehouse policy, thanks to which we strive to have the majority of parts used in our machines available at hand, “on the spot”.

Thanks to our mobile hardware base (a workshop car with the appropriate equipment) when working away, we are largely self-sufficient and prepared for the majority of failures that may occur.

We Provide our Clients With
Fast warranty and post-warranty service
Warranty and post-warranty technical inspections
Delivery of spare parts for machines manufactured by us
Telephone technical support
Machine moving services
Assessment of machines’ technical condition
Training in the use of machines for new operators
Training in the use of machines improving the qualifications and knowledge of operators
The know-how needed for efficient and profitable work for new clients
Assistance in technical and logistic optimization of production processes