We develop technologies for the production of new products as well as design and build prototype and non-standard machines that produce items invented by our customers.


Our knowledge and proper engineering software give us the ability to develop 2D and 3D models of designed machines, analyze the movement of components, calculate the durability of machine’s parts and perform visualization of individual parts as well as the entire machine.

Knowledge in the field of mechanics, automation, hydraulics and pneumatics allows for creative combining of all these disciplines to create complete, complex and thoughtful constructions.

Service from Designing to Certification

Over the course of designing, and after work is done, the entire machine always undergoes risk assessment, from the perspective of whether it is properly secured in terms of work safety, and is certified by a declaration of conformity and by the CE mark.

Appropriate hardware base gives us the capability of independent locksmith production of designed parts for machines, as well as the possibility of 3D printing.

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