BEM 400

The BEM-400 is a machine intended for mass production of bubble envelopes, dedicated for small and medium manufacturers. It is also the optimal solution for people who want to start their journey in manufacturing bubble padded mailers.

Modularity and Flexibility

This bubble envelope machine is distinguished by high production output and the capability of a wide and quick change of the range of manufactured products. The machine is built modularly, which means that it can be freely configured to the customer’s needs, and in the future, it can also be extended with additional modules offered by the manufacturer.

Spare Parts Accessibility

An important feature of the machine is that it has been built with the use of standardized elements available on virtually every local market, which ensures easy, inexpensive and most importantly quick access to the spare parts. This feature, as well as the modularity of the construction, will be particularly appreciated by professional maintenance departments.

Modifications on Demand

The machine is built from the ground up for a specific customer and optimized for his needs. We adjust its construction to the on-site conditions (machine control on the right or left side) and the connection of utilities (electricity and compressed air).

Support for Customers Entering the Market

For clients who are just starting out in the industry, we provide the appropriate knowledge concerning organization of production, deliveries of production materials and of the final product. On request, we can help with making contact with raw material suppliers.

We are the only company on the market that supports clients who are at the beginning of their journey in manufacturing bubble mailer envelopes, providing dedicated software that makes it possible to calculate current costs of bubble mailer envelope production.

Due to the capability of wide customization of the input parameters, the sheet allows optimizing production costs, to mark out the right course of action and narrow down both the significant and insignificant cost aspects of the planned production.

BEM 400
BEM 400
BEM 400
BEM 400
BEM 400
  • Output up to 5.100 pieces/hour
  • Work in a double web system (two envelopes per cycle) up to the H8 (285mm x 370mm) format
  • Capability of working with pre-printed paper
  • Paper feeders (separately for the top and bottom webs) with pneumatic paper roll lifters - maximum paper roll weight of 400 kg (optionally 700kg)
  • Two independent web edge control systems
  • Two independent web tension control systems
  • Double-sided adhesive tape feeder with side brake
  • Dual drive system
  • End guillotine with pneumatic drive
  • Belt conveyor for receiving envelopes with a counting function (standard conveyor length 1.6 meters)
Optional Modules
  • HOTMELT glue applicator
  • Top web stamping module
  • Bottom web stamping module
  • Printing module (ink-jet printing)
  • RE-OPEN colorless tape applicator with double magazine
  • Flap folding module with flat-edge folding system
  • Hole-puncher module
  • Belt conveyor for receiving envelopes with a counting function, 2.5 meters long
  • Adaptation the machine to work with uncoated paper
Price from $64.800

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