BEM 700

The BEM-700 is a high-performance machine intended for mass production of bubble envelopes, dedicated for medium and large manufacturers. This type of bubble mailer machine is optimal for producing higher volumes.

Modularity and Flexibility

The machine is distinguished by very high production efficiency and the capability of a wide and quick change of the range of manufactured products. The modular structure allows any configuration, however, it is most often bought with maximum equipment that fully satisfies the market requirements.

Spare Parts Accessibility

An important feature of the machine is that it has been built with the use of standardized elements available on virtually every local market, which ensures easy, inexpensive and most importantly quick access to the spare parts. This feature, as well as the modularity of the construction, will be particularly appreciated by professional maintenance departments.

Modifications on Demand

Due to the fact that this is a machine designed for customers who already have experience in the industry and developed their own habits and often their own technical solutions, in addition to the standard configuration (a list of features below), it is possible to apply individual technical solutions indicated by the buyer.
BEM 700
BEM 700
BEM 700
BEM 700
BEM 700
  • Work with COATED and UNCOATED PAPER,
  • Output up to 7,800 pieces/hour,
  • Work in a double web system (two envelopes per cycle) up to the H8 (285mm x 370mm) format (optionally up to K20 format),
  • Capability of working with pre-printed paper - system for switching between top and bottom web included in standard version,
  • Ability to replace the bubble wrap without stopping the machine,
  • Double, rotary bubble wrap feeders (feeding the material in the machine’s axis or side-feeding for the purpose of limiting machine length),
  • Paper feeders (separately for upper and lower webs) with pneumatic paper roll lifters- max weight of paper rolls 700kg (optionally 1200 kg),
  • Web edge control systems – separate for each web (4x),
  • Tension control system separately for each web (4x),
  • Two double drive systems of the finished web (an innovative drive system with web’s tension adjustment, developed by us),
  • Belt conveyor for receiving envelopes with counting function (standard transporter length 4 meters),
Optional Modules
  • HOTMELT glue applicator with the capability of sequential work (without glue in the seal spots) with a double magazine for the paper covering tape,
  • RE-OPEN tape applicator with a double magazine,
  • Module for diagonal cutting on flaps,
  • Flap folding module with flat-edge folding system
  • Hole-puncher module
  • The module of stamping the top web (individualization of short series of envelopes),
  • The module of stamping the bottom web (individualization of short series of envelopes),
  • Printing module (ink-jet printing),
  • Possibility of making extended conveyor for envelopes – at buyer’s request,
  • Possibility of working in a double web system up to K10 (370mm x 480mm) format
  • Integration with ERP (SAP) systems
Price from $164.000

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